Bandana Aryal

My name is Bandana Aryal  and I’m elated to introduce myself as an officially affiliated and registered mentor for this amazing holistic program for gut health which aids healthy & sustainable weight loss.

I am certified to give you all the help towards your health and wellness goals which means I have passed the test of knowledge of how the program works and its requirements. We are bound by policies and guidelines. Furthermore, we have ongoing trainings and courses to keep us educated and informed to provide the best of the services to assist in your journey to wellness.

It is said – whatever is happening in your gut is happening in your brain. Often overlooked, but a healthy gut has a big impact on how we feel and perform! The gut is connected to everything that happens in your body. Brain function, weight gain, immune health, hormones, BP levels, absorption of nutrients…just to name a few! I’m very thrilled to share that gut health is the prime focus of all our programs to help you in your overall health and wellbeing.

And did you know, our globally successful program is endorsed by Dr. Peter Dingle (PHD) who has to his credit thousands of researches done in Gut Health? Our program is also endorsed by Clinical Nutritionist approved Dietician. We are all about quality!

Having walked the path myself, and having experienced the quality & benefits of our program and our products – I’m so excited to offer them to you and help you in your journey – from improving your gut health to losing weight healthily, to incorporating wellness routines to start living clean and to taking better care of your skin – I have incredible science-backed solutions and intelligently designed wellness programs to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Most of all, I’ll be there for you from day 1, to take you by your hand to guide you on your wellness journey and be your biggest cheerleader.
Send me a message and let’s walk hand in hand towards unlocking your best self yet!

Bandana Aryal
Certified Gut Health & Weightloss Mentor, Putting Health at the TopIndependent Social Marketer, Mōdere

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